Serving People with Developmental Disabilities for rmore than 50 Years!

More About LARC

LARC operates a 16,000 square foot workshop that provides a setting to not only provide training of job skills but also to give the individual an opportunity to feel good about his or her achievement and earn a paycheck. LARC works with companies and subcontracts work such as sorting, collating, packaging, boxing and labeling among others. With staff supervision and assistance, each job is simplified so that tasks are easily understood and manageable

Some of our workers "graduate" from the workshop into community jobs with the help of our Supported Employment/Job Placement Program. LARK janitorial services trains and employs developmentally disabled adults to clean parking lots, stores, churches, and public buildings. Supervised by job coaches, our mobile work crews work seven days a week, taking off only on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Other workers are matched with jobs in local businesses such as banks and restaurants. A job coach gives these individuals on-the-job training until they have demonstrated the ability to work on their own. Our job coach then follows up with the individual and the employer to insure success.

Our residential program consist of eleven Community Integrated
Living Arrangements (CILA). Each of our 4-bedroom houses in the Lansing community is home to four men or women with disabilities. LARC provides structure and supervision 24 hours a day to assist individuals learn daily living skills and personal independence. The typical household setting encourages participation in activities such as cooking cleaning and shopping. Learning responsibility to care for themselves and their personal items, each person has goals established to increase self-reliance. Working as a group, they are encouraged to come together to make decisions effecting the entire group. In addition to formal goals, support services are provided to maintain learned abilities and to introduce new skills.

Throughout the day, our program department provides:
Overall developmental training, which encourages independence and growth. Class focus on skills for social interaction, life experiences, motor skills, and leisure activities. As in all our programs, the goal is to assist our individuals in reaching their highest potential.

As is true of most companies, LARC hosts a number of picnics, parties and dances throughout the year. The planning and preparation of these special events is shared by all. We select a theme and determine a food choice. Outings include ball games, movies, eating at local restaurants in order to encourage participation in the community.